LifeLynk - 4000W All-In-One Solar Inverter and Battery

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The Sunsynk® Lifelynk All-in-One Hybrid Inverter is a new addition to the Sunsynk range. Value-engineered with customers residing in domestic premises in mind. A 4kW model that can easily slot into an average sized system.

The Hybrid Inverter is a really useful addition to any power generation system as it can take input DC power from wind turbine, solar panels and generator and AC power from the mains grid. The inverter can measure the power and store it in an attached battery pack for use later when the tariff for mains power is at its most expensive or when there is a reduction in power supply from other sources. Built-in programming will balance the amount of power stored in the battery against the demands of the connected appliances ( the load ).

The setting-up and control of the inverter can be done either by an easy-to-understand touch screen or via a Wi-Fi connection to your mobile phone or laptop. That way, you can always check your power generation and output while away from your installation.



Inverter Voltage 48V (40 - 55V)
DC Loads 50A
Efficiency > 92%
Continuous Power 2500W
Rated Power 3000W
Peak Power 4000W
AC Voltage 230 VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
AC Charging 185 - 260V
Solar DC Isolator Yes
Mains On/Off Switch Yes
Battery DC Isolator Yes
Batteries 5 x 500Wh LiFEPO4 with BMS
Batteries 2.8kWh Total Capacity
Add-On Batteries Up to 20 x 500Wh
Power Level Indicator LED
Fuse 100A Fuse

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