Due to the nature of our products (some being really big and heavy!) the delivery fees need to be calculated on a case by case basis. 

We do delivery throughout South Africa (and cross border too). Let us know where you're located and we can quote you on the transportation and offloading. 

  • Some larger items require being delivered on a crane truck. Alternatively, you can organise your own transportation.

  • It is important that if you're going to use your own transport that the appropriate vehicle is used.

    For generators, a drop side truck is the ideal vehicle. Trucks with sides, or only an opening at the rear are not ideal as the generators cannot be loaded length-way by the forklift. 

  • Solar Panels should ideally be loaded horizontal or vatical into the load bed. Vehicles such as cars that cannot fit the solar panels run the risk of damaging the products in transit. Please plan on using a bakkie or trailer if necessary for collections. 

  • If you're making use of Bundu Powers' transport for generators, it is important to advise us of any obstacles between where the generator can be offloaded and its final installation location. Things such as grass, tree's, doorways, stairs and passages can all hinder the possibility of getting your generator to the correct spot.