9kg Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher: Ultimate Safety for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

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Ensure the highest level of safety with the FIREBLOCK Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher, specifically designed to combat lithium-ion battery fires. These advanced fire extinguishers incorporate the unique FIREBLOCK LITHIUM gel, offering unparalleled performance in extinguishing fires caused by various lithium-ion battery chemistries, including NMC, LFP, NCA, NCMA, LCO, and LMO. Ideal for use in diverse applications such as e-cigarettes, e-scooters, mobile phones, tablets, e-bikes, laptops, power tools, and Solar System batteries this extinguisher is your go-to solution for lithium-ion battery fire emergencies.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced FIREBLOCK LITHIUM Gel: This proprietary gel formulation is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and highly effective in extinguishing lithium-ion battery fires. It provides a robust flame knockdown and cooling effect, significantly reducing battery temperatures in under a minute.
  • Thermal Runaway Prevention: Capable of arresting thermal runaway and preventing thermal propagation to adjacent cells, ensuring comprehensive fire control.
  • Minimal Runoff and Environmental Safety: Less than 10% runoff on flat surfaces minimizes environmental contamination and reduces the risk of chemical spread to drains or water sources. Additionally, the gel reduces toxic smoke and off-gassing, lowering the risk of explosions, especially in enclosed spaces.
  • Easy Identification and Usage: The gel is green, highly viscous, and odorless, with a pH level between 6.5 and 8.5. It is non-flammable and operates effectively within a temperature range of +5°C to +60°C.

Product Specifications

  1. EGS9

    • Capacity: 9 Litres
    • Weight: Filled 14kg, Empty 4.9kg
    • Discharge Time: 49 seconds
    • Dimensions: 552 x 205 x 205mm

Applications and Performance

The FIREBLOCK Lithium Battery Fire Extinguishers have been rigorously tested across various cell types, including cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cells, showcasing their effectiveness in different scenarios:

  • Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • E-Scooters and E-Bikes
  • Laptops
  • Power Tools
  • Solar System Batteries

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