Fox ESS LVE2600 2.56kWh 48V 2nd Life Battery

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The LV2600 2nd life battery is a new high-energy lithium-ion phosphate battery from FoxESS. 

The LV2600 2nd Life is a high-performance, scalable battery storage module. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications. 

More great features:

  • 2.560 kWhrs capable of 12 units in parallel totaling 30.72 kWhrs
  • Industry leading 90% DOD allowing for more useable capacity from the battery
  • Low Cost alternative which serves as a Li-Ion solution in direct competition to Lead Acid
  • Standard rack mount battery compatible with Segen portfolio of racking solutions and standard 19` racking
  • 5 year warranty extendable to 10 yrs with no additional cost(simple registration)

Additional batteries can be installed in parallel. With a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers.

Please note: The standard warranty on the product is 5 years, click the link below to register for it.

It is recommended that all Products are registered in order that they qualify under the terms of this Policy via the link above. Warranties should be registered within thirty-six (36) months of installation, however it is recommended that they are registered no more than six (6) weeks following the successful installation and commissioning of the Product where possible. The information required at the point of registration via the Fox website is as follows:

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